Promoción: Vinilo Francisco López en GH Records


release date: 25.08.2011


title: untitled #205

order no.: aatp31

Label code (LC): 01291

time: ca. 18 mins + 20 locked grooves

clear vinyl in clear plastic sleeve, with 20 locked grooves for DJs on

B-side. Limited to 300 copies

On “untitled #205”:

Francisco López states: “Based exclusively on end grooves from vintage

records, ‘untitled #205’ is

a straightforward and joyful exploration of the potential for reincarnation

of these unintended sonic structures into new life. More a tool than a final

product, it delves into static, noise and rhythm with a hopeful


The untitled #205 mix on the a-side brings us 18 minutes of hissy, textural

sound in dissolution, ranging from ryhthm to noise. The b-side has the 20

original loops López constructed out of old vintage 78s so if you buy 20

copies of this 10” you might be able to recreate the track…

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